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Growl Ops, an emerging company specializing in security training for specific dog breeds, sought to establish a strong brand identity. Liaisonit Studios was entrusted with the task of creating a compelling and distinctive brand presence, encompassing logo design, brand documentation, and collateral development.


The primary goals were to:

  1. Designing a unique and memorable logo that encapsulates Growl Ops' essence.

  2. Developing a comprehensive brand document outlining the company's vision, mission, and values.

  3. Creating a suite of brand collaterals to consistently communicate the brand across various platforms.


  1. Understanding Growl Ops:

    • Conducted extensive discussions with Growl Ops to understand their vision, target audience, and unique selling propositions.

    • Researched the security training industry, focusing on trends and competitors.

  2. Logo Design:

    • Brainstormed various design concepts that reflect strength, security, and the specialized nature of their services.

    • Created multiple logo drafts, iteratively refining based on feedback from Growl Ops.

  3. Brand Document Creation:

    • Compiled a detailed brand document, including brand story, tone of voice, and visual guidelines.

    • Ensured the document served as a comprehensive guide for all future brand-related activities.

  4. Collateral Development:

    • Designed a range of brand collaterals – business cards, letterheads, brochures, and digital assets.

    • Ensured each collateral adhered to the established brand guidelines for consistency.

  5. Review and Finalization:

    • Conducted a series of review sessions with Growl Ops for feedback and approval.

    • Made necessary adjustments to align all elements with Growl Ops’ vision and expectations.


The creation of Growl Ops' brand identity was accomplished efficiently and effectively. The logo emerged as a powerful symbol, resonating with the company's core values and appealing to their target audience. The comprehensive brand document became an essential asset, guiding all future branding efforts. The collaterals, consistent in design and message, significantly enhanced Growl Ops' market presence.





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