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Case Study | Fast Transport Carrier


Liaisonit Studios successfully migrated Fast Transport Carrier’s non-functional website to a user-friendly Wix platform, achieving a major digital transformation. This swift migration included a modern design overhaul, advanced security upgrades, CDN integration, and cloud hosting. Critically, we empowered the client with the tools for self-managed maintenance and user control, eliminating the need for ongoing external support. The result was a significant improvement in website functionality, security, and performance, aligning perfectly with Fast Transport Carrier’s operational needs and budget.

Development TAT

3 weeks


Fast Transport Carrier, UK & India

Fast Transport Carrier - Transformative Migration to Wix with Advanced Features and Self-Management


Fast Transport Carrier, a key player in the logistics industry, faced significant issues with their non-functional website. To enhance their online presence and operational efficiency, Liaisonit Studios was tasked with migrating and revamping their website to a Wix-based solution.


The primary goals were to:

  • Migrate to Wix for a more reliable and user-friendly experience.

  • Implement a cutting-edge design that reflects Fast Transport Carrier's brand identity.

  • Upgrade security features for robust data protection.

  • Integrate CDN and cloud hosting for optimal performance.

  • Enable ongoing maintenance without Liaisonit’s intervention.

  • Empower Fast Transport Carrier with user management capabilities.


1. Pre-Migration Strategy:

  • Conducted a comprehensive assessment of the previous website.

  • Developed a migration plan focusing on minimal disruption and data integrity.

2. Opting for Wix:

  • Selected Wix for its user-friendly interface and customization capabilities.

  • Tailored the Wix platform to suit Fast Transport Carrier’s specific requirements.

3. Design Innovation:

  • Worked collaboratively to capture the essence of Fast Transport Carrier’s brand.

  • Implemented a modern, responsive design enhancing user experience and brand perception.

4. Security Upgrades:

  • Integrated advanced security measures within Wix to protect against online threats.

  • Performed thorough testing to ensure robust security and compliance.

5. CDN and Cloud Hosting Implementation:

  • Set up a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for faster and more reliable content delivery.

  • Transitioned to cloud hosting for scalable and efficient website performance.

6. Maintenance and User Management Empowerment:

  • Configured the Wix platform to enable easy maintenance and updates by Fast Transport Carrier’s team.

  • Trained their staff on user management and website administration, enabling full control without Liaisonit's ongoing involvement.


The migration to Wix was executed swiftly and efficiently, aligning with Fast Transport Carrier’s timelines and budget constraints. The new website marked a significant upgrade in design, functionality, and security. The integration of CDN and cloud hosting dramatically improved the site’s performance and reach. Critically, Fast Transport Carrier’s team could manage and maintain the website independently, thanks to the user-friendly Wix platform and the training provided.





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