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Case Study | Houzwork


Liaisonit Studios expertly migrated Houzwork, Pune's top interior design agency, to a Wix platform, enhancing design, security, and performance. The project involved a comprehensive redesign post initial approval, showcasing our commitment to client satisfaction. The transition to Wix, coupled with advanced security features, CDN, and cloud hosting, resulted in a visually appealing, high-performing website. Our flexibility and client-focused approach were key in delivering a website that not only met but exceeded Houzwork's expectations, reinforcing their online presence and brand reputation.

Development TAT

16 weeks


Houzwork, India

Houzwork - Seamless Migration and Redesign for a Premier Interior Design Agency


Houzwork, renowned as the best interior design agency in Pune, faced challenges with their non-functional website. They sought Liaisonit Studios' expertise to revitalize their online presence with a focus on exceptional design, enhanced security, and reliable performance.


Our primary objective was a swift and comprehensive migration of Houzwork's website to Wix, incorporating:

  • Advanced design elements to mirror Houzwork's creative excellence.

  • Robust security upgrades for data protection.

  • Integration of CDN and cloud hosting for high performance.

  • Ongoing maintenance for sustained efficiency.

  • Adapting to client feedback by redesigning the website post initial approval to ensure absolute satisfaction.


Initial Consultation and Planning:

  • Conducted detailed discussions with Houzwork to understand their vision, requirements, and the challenges with their existing website.

  • Devised a strategic migration plan focusing on design excellence and technical robustness.

Design and Development:

  • Developed a visually appealing and intuitive design layout, reflecting Houzwork's stature in interior design.

  • Implemented the design on the Wix platform, ensuring seamless functionality and user experience.

Security Enhancement and Performance Optimization:

  • Integrated advanced security features to safeguard user data and enhance trust.

  • Employed CDN and cloud hosting solutions for improved website speed and reliability.

Client-Centric Redesign:

  • Post initial approval, we embraced Houzwork's feedback for a complete redesign, showcasing our commitment to client satisfaction and flexibility.

  • The revised design was more aligned with Houzwork’s evolving preferences, further enhancing the website’s appeal.

Maintenance and Support:

  • Established a routine maintenance schedule to ensure ongoing performance and updates.

  • Provided continuous support to address any issues swiftly.


The redevelopment of Houzwork’s website was a significant success. The transition to Wix, coupled with the sophisticated design and technical enhancements, dramatically improved the site's functionality and aesthetic appeal. The security upgrades and CDN integration ensured a safe, fast, and reliable user experience. Most notably, our readiness to undertake a complete redesign post-client approval exemplified our dedication to client satisfaction, resulting in a website that perfectly encapsulated Houzwork's brand ethos.





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