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Case Study | Stellar Global Solutions


Liaisonit Studios successfully migrated Stellar Global Solutions from an outdated PHP platform to a dynamic CMS, achieving enhanced scalability and user experience. We overhauled the design, incorporated advanced security features, and integrated CDN and cloud hosting for improved performance. The migration, completed within budget and on schedule, resulted in a significant boost in website efficiency and global reach. Post-launch, our ongoing maintenance ensures optimal performance, exemplifying our commitment to delivering holistic, cutting-edge digital solutions.

Development TAT

9 weeks


Stellar Global Solutions, USA & India

Stellar Global Solutions - Seamless Migration to CMS with Enhanced Design, Security, and Hosting


Stellar Global Solutions, a renowned service provider, faced challenges with their existing website built on PHP. The limitations in scalability, design flexibility, and security prompted the need for a robust, modern solution. Liaisonit Studios stepped in to facilitate a migration to a more dynamic and secure CMS platform.


The primary goals were to:

  • Migrate to a CMS solution for better scalability and user experience.

  • Enhance website design to align with current market trends.

  • Upgrade security measures.

  • Implement CDN and cloud hosting for improved performance.

  • Provide ongoing maintenance and support.


1. Pre-Migration Analysis and Planning:

  • Conducted a thorough analysis of the existing PHP site.

  • Mapped out a detailed migration plan, ensuring minimal downtime and data integrity.

2. Choosing the Right CMS:

  • After evaluating various CMS options, we selected WordPress as it offered scalability, user-friendliness, and design flexibility.

  • Customized the CMS to fit Stellar’s specific needs.

3. Design Overhaul:

  • Collaborated closely with Stellar to understand their brand vision.

  • Implemented a fresh, intuitive design, improving navigation and user engagement.

4. Security Enhancement:

  • Integrated advanced security plugins and protocols to safeguard against cyber threats.

  • Conducted rigorous testing to ensure data protection and compliance with industry standards.

5. CDN Integration and Cloud Hosting:

  • Implemented a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to enhance global content delivery speed.

  • Migrated to cloud hosting for scalable, reliable, and efficient website performance.

6. Ongoing Maintenance and Support:

  • Established a routine maintenance schedule to ensure the website remains updated and secure.

  • Provided continuous support for any technical issues or updates.


The migration was completed efficiently, meeting the projected timeline and budget. Stellar Global Solutions experienced a significant improvement in website performance, user engagement, and overall security. The integration of CDN and cloud hosting resulted in faster load times and enhanced global reach. Post-launch, the website has maintained optimal performance with Liaisonit's dedicated maintenance and support.





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