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Case Study | Technimation Info Media


Liaisonit Studios successfully redeveloped Technimation Infomedia's website, an IT services leader, by migrating it to Wix. Our team crafted a sophisticated design, integrated advanced security, and implemented CDN and cloud hosting for enhanced performance. The project's swift execution and high-quality deliverables not only improved Technimation's online presence but also affirmed Liaisonit's expertise as a trusted partner for IT industry professionals, demonstrating our ability to meet the high standards of tech-savvy clients.

Development TAT

2 weeks


Technimation Info Media, USA

Technimation Infomedia - Comprehensive Website Redevelopment and Migration


Technimation Infomedia stands as a distinguished IT services solutions provider, committed to aiding businesses globally in maximizing their technology investments. Their seasoned team of IT consultants, boasting over 50 years of collective industry experience, has a strong reputation for delivering innovative and effective IT solutions across various sectors.

Being an IT powerhouse themselves, Technimation Infomedia's decision to entrust Liaisonit Studios with the redevelopment of their non-functional website was a testament to our expertise. The challenge was to migrate and revamp their site to Wix, incorporating advanced design, enhanced security, CDN, cloud hosting, and maintenance, all while upholding the high standards expected by an IT company.


Our goal was to swiftly execute a comprehensive migration to Wix, ensuring the new website not only showcased great design but also integrated:

  • Advanced security features to protect sensitive information.

  • CDN and cloud hosting for optimal performance.

  • Continuous maintenance for enduring efficiency and smooth operation.


Understanding Client Needs:

  • Conducted in-depth discussions with Technimation to grasp their specific requirements and expectations from the website.

  • Developed a tailored strategy that aligned with their status as IT experts.

Design and Implementation:

  • Created a sophisticated, modern design that reflected Technimation’s innovative spirit and technical prowess.

  • Seamlessly implemented the new design on the Wix platform, ensuring a user-friendly interface.

Security Upgrades and Performance Optimization:

  • Incorporated robust security protocols to safeguard the website against potential cyber threats, crucial for an IT services provider.

  • Utilized CDN and cloud hosting solutions to enhance website speed and reliability.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support:

  • Established a proactive maintenance plan to ensure the website remains up-to-date and efficient.

  • Provided ongoing technical support to promptly address any arising issues.


The redevelopment and migration of Technimation Infomedia’s website were executed flawlessly, significantly improving the site's functionality and visual appeal. The incorporation of enhanced security features and performance optimizations via CDN and cloud hosting delivered a fast, secure, and reliable online experience. The successful completion of this project not only fortified Technimation’s online presence but also solidified Liaisonit Studios’ reputation as a capable and trusted partner, even for IT industry leaders.





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