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Array Minds


Time to Launch -

6 weeks

Array Minds - Rebranding an IT Consultancy Firm


Array Minds, an IT consultancy specializing in Salesforce services across India, USA, and Canada, required a rebranding strategy that would embody its expertise and global reach. Liaisonit Studios was tasked with this significant rebrand to streamline the firm's identity in a competitive market.


  • Revamping Array Minds’ brand to reflect its status as a cutting-edge Salesforce consultant.

  • Harmonizing the brand identity across diverse markets and cultures.

  • Accelerating the migration to the new brand to minimize disruption and maximize impact


Brand Articulation:

  • Held strategy sessions with Array Minds' executive team to carve out a new brand narrative focused on innovation, customer success, and global expertise.

  • Crafted a new mission statement and core brand messages that would resonate with clients in their respective regions while maintaining a universal appeal.

Visual Identity:

  • Developed a modern and sophisticated logo that communicates Array Minds’ tech expertise and dynamic approach to consultancy.

  • Chose a color palette and design motifs that reflect the brand's agility and professionalism, ensuring appeal to a global clientele.

Brand Deliverables:

  • Produced a detailed brand guideline document for consistent application of the visual and verbal brand elements across all media and communications.

  • Designed and produced a set of brand collaterals, including digital stationery, business cards, brochures, and email templates to ensure a cohesive brand experience.

Rapid Brand Migration:

  • Implemented a fast-tracked rebranding process, strategically timed to align with a new service launch.

  • Educated internal teams on the new brand guidelines through interactive workshops to enable immediate adoption.


  • The rebranding was completed and introduced to the market swiftly, aligning with a key product rollout which amplified the brand's visibility.

  • Array Minds experienced a positive reception to the new brand, with stakeholders reporting a strong alignment between the company's image and its strategic direction.

  • The newly designed collateral was instrumental in enhancing client engagement and has been widely adopted by Array Minds' teams, resulting in a consistent brand narrative.


The rebranding initiative for Array Minds by Liaisonit Studios was a strategic success, marked by meticulous brand articulation and high-quality deliverables. By rapidly migrating to a new brand identity that speaks to innovation and global expertise, Array Minds fortified its position in the Salesforce consultancy space. The refreshed brand identity not only captures the essence of Array Minds' vision but also serves as a catalyst for the firm’s continued growth and success in the international market.

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