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Endurance Security


Time to Launch -

9 weeks

Endurance Security - Rebranding a Cybersecurity IT Consulting Firm


Endurance Security, a cybersecurity IT consulting company, required a comprehensive rebrand to mirror its dedication to robust security solutions. With operations spanning various continents, Endurance Security sought to establish a brand identity that encapsulated its commitment to resilience and cutting-edge cybersecurity. Liaisonit Studios was engaged to craft a rebranding strategy that would highlight the firm's core strengths and market position.


  • Reflecting the firm’s robustness and advanced cybersecurity offerings.

  • Ensuring a seamless transition that communicates the rebrand effectively across global markets.

  • Developing a suite of brand assets that would be adaptable to various platforms and purposes.


Brand Strategy Development:

  • Conducted in-depth interviews with Endurance Security’s leadership to understand the company’s vision, values, and unique selling propositions.

  • Compiled market research to ensure the new brand would stand out in the cybersecurity landscape.

Brand Articulation:

  • Developed a core brand narrative centered around the themes of resilience, advanced protection, and proactive security.

  • Formulated a compelling tagline and messaging that would resonate with the firm’s corporate clientele and partners.

Visual Identity:

  • Designed a contemporary logo that symbolizes security and endurance, with a shield motif as the central element.

  • Selected a color scheme that conveys trust and professionalism, utilizing shades of blue and accents of vibrant teal.

Brand Deliverables:

  • Created a comprehensive brand guideline document detailing the usage of logos, color palettes, typography, and other visual elements.

  • Produced high-quality collateral, including business cards, letterheads, digital templates, and presentation decks, which were critical for maintaining brand consistency.

Rapid Brand Migration:

  • Implemented an expedited rebranding rollout strategy that aligned with the launch of a new cybersecurity service.

  • Provided training and resources to internal teams to facilitate the immediate adoption of the new brand elements.


  • Achieved a successful transition to the new brand identity within the projected timeline, coinciding with a strategic service launch.

  • The rebranding initiative was met with positive feedback from clients, reflecting a strong brand alignment with Endurance Security’s market offerings.

  • The new brand assets were quickly adopted across the company, enhancing professional communication and marketing efforts.


Liaisonit Studios delivered a swift and impactful rebranding for Endurance Security that strategically positioned the company as a leader in the cybersecurity consulting sector. The well-articulated brand narrative and thoughtfully designed visual identity not only unified the company’s presence across diverse markets but also reinforced its commitment to delivering resilient security solutions. The rebrand has not only revitalized Endurance Security's corporate image but has also laid the foundation for its future growth and market expansion.

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