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Ma'am & Co.


Time to Launch -

2 weeks

Brand Rebranding and Articulation for Ma’am & Co.


Ma'am & Co., a dynamic content creation platform known for its insightful blogs on events, spaces, and various important social causes, approached us for a comprehensive rebranding initiative. The objective was to redefine the brand’s identity to resonate more profoundly with its audience while enhancing its impact on critical social discourse.


  • The brand suffered from a lack of cohesive identity that diluted its presence in the digital content sphere.

  • There was a need to amplify the brand’s voice to engage with a broader audience on social causes.

  • The transition had to be swift to maintain the brand’s relevance and audience engagement.


Brand Strategy Development:

  • Initiated an in-depth brand audit to understand ma’am & co.'s market position, audience perception, and competitive landscape.

  • Developed a new brand strategy that focused on clear messaging and the brand’s commitment to fostering connections and awareness about social issues.

Brand Identity and Articulation:

  • Designed a new logo that embodied the essence of ma’am & co. as connectors and conversation starters. The logo was crafted to be versatile and recognizable, easy to deploy across various media.

  • Established a new brand voice and tone that was articulate, engaging, and empathetic, reflecting the brand’s dedication to social causes.

Collateral Redesign and Production:

  • Developed a suite of new brand collaterals including digital banners, social media templates, and newsletter layouts, all aligned with the new brand ethos.

  • Ensured the new design language was consistent across all touchpoints, from business cards to event signage.

Digital Presence Overhaul:

  • Completely redesigned the website with a focus on user experience, ensuring it was not only aesthetically aligned with the new brand identity but also more intuitive and informative.

  • Streamlined the content management system to allow for easier updates and better content display, catering to the needs of blog followers and content creators alike.

Rapid Implementation and Launch:

  • Executed a phased rollout plan that allowed for the seamless introduction of the new brand elements without disrupting the ongoing engagement of the audience.

  • Launched a targeted social media campaign to announce the rebranding, creating anticipation and excitement around the new identity.


  • The rebranding was executed within the projected timeframe, with immediate positive feedback from the audience.

  • The refreshed website saw increased traffic, longer visit durations, and a lower bounce rate, indicating a successful redesign in line with user expectations.

  • Collateral materials received accolades for their design and alignment with the brand’s mission, enhancing ma’am & co.'s visibility at events and in digital spaces.


The rebranding of ma’am & co. stands as a testament to the power of brand articulation and the strategic design of brand collaterals. The swift and carefully planned transformation addressed the immediate challenges and positioned the brand for greater influence and engagement in the realm of social and event blogging. This case study highlights how a thoughtful and holistic approach to branding can revitalize a company's image and amplify its message to resonate with a wider audience.

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