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Time to Launch -

11 weeks

NucorX - Rebranding a South African Holding Company


NucorX, a prominent holding company in South Africa, sought a comprehensive rebrand to better represent their growing portfolio and market position. Liaisonit Studios was selected to spearhead this transformation.


  • Modernizing the NucorX image while maintaining the company's established reputation.

  • Ensuring brand consistency across various subsidiaries and business units.

  • Implementing the rebrand swiftly to coincide with a strategic market repositioning.


Brand Articulation:

  • Liaisonit Studios initiated workshops with NucorX's leadership to define a brand voice that encapsulated both their legacy and vision for the future.

  • Developed a new brand story, aligning it with the company's strategic goals and values.

Visual Identity:

  • Designed a new logo and visual scheme that reflected NucorX's innovative and dynamic nature while resonating with the South African corporate landscape.

  • Ensured the design was versatile enough for diverse applications, from digital platforms to physical assets.

Brand Deliverables:

  • Created a comprehensive brand guidelines document detailing the usage of new design elements, ensuring uniformity across all collateral and subsidiaries.

  • Developed a suite of collateral, including business cards, letterheads, and corporate brochures, as well as digital templates for presentations and reports.

Rapid Implementation:

  • Coordinated a structured rollout plan for the rebrand, ensuring a seamless transition across all levels of the company.

  • Provided training sessions for NucorX's internal teams to maintain consistency in brand application.


  • NucorX's rebrand was successfully launched within the projected timeline, instantly elevating the brand's presence in the market.

  • The new brand identity was well-received internally and externally, leading to increased brand cohesion and strengthened corporate identity.

  • Collateral materials were utilized effectively across platforms, showcasing NucorX's revitalized brand and bolstering their market presence.


The rebranding of NucorX by Liaisonit Studios marked a significant milestone in the company's history. Through strategic brand articulation, innovative design, and a suite of cohesive brand deliverables, NucorX established a strong, updated brand identity. This rebrand not only signified a new chapter for the company but also reinforced its position as a leading holding company in South Africa, ready to embrace future growth opportunities with a solid and distinguished brand foundation.

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