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The Saga Stays


Time to Launch -

15 weeks

Brand Rebranding and Articulation for The Saga Stays


The Saga Stays, a premier hospitality brand specializing in luxurious villas and resorts, sought a complete brand overhaul to elevate its market position and enhance customer experience. Liaisonit Studios was tasked with a swift and comprehensive rebranding process, encompassing brand articulation and the creation of new brand collaterals.


  • Redefining The Saga Stays' brand identity to reflect luxury, comfort, and exclusivity.

  • Ensuring the rebranding resonated with the existing customer base while attracting new clientele.

  • Implementing the rebranding strategy across all platforms and touchpoints rapidly to minimize disruption to the business.


Brand Discovery and Strategy:

  • Conducted workshops with The Saga Stays stakeholders to extract core brand values and vision.

  • Created a brand strategy document that encapsulated the essence of luxury and exclusivity, which was pivotal to the rebranding.

Brand Identity and Articulation:

  • Designed a sophisticated logo that conveyed elegance and modernity, aligning with the upscale positioning of The Saga Stays.

  • Developed a comprehensive brand guideline manual covering aspects such as typography, color palette, imagery, and voice.

Collateral Redesign and Production:

  • Overhauled all brand collaterals, including business cards, letterheads, brochures, and digital assets, ensuring consistency with the new brand identity.

  • Coordinated with printers and digital platforms to replace old collaterals swiftly, ensuring a seamless transition.

Digital Transformation:

  • Updated the website and online booking platforms to reflect the new brand, enhancing user experience with intuitive design and navigation.

  • Implemented an omnichannel marketing campaign to introduce the rebranded identity to the market effectively.


  • The rebranding was completed in record time, with all new collaterals rolled out within a stringent timeline.

  • Post-launch, The Saga Stays reported a substantial increase in bookings, indicating a positive customer response to the rebranding efforts.

  • The new brand identity was well-received across all demographics, cementing The Saga Stays' position as a leader in luxury vacation experiences.


The transformation of The Saga Stays through strategic rebranding by Liaisonit Studios marked a significant milestone for the brand. The project not only infused new life into the brand's visual and communicative expressions but also streamlined the customer journey across all touchpoints. This case study exemplifies the importance of a well-crafted brand identity and articulation in the hospitality industry, demonstrating the potential of design and strategy to drive business growth and customer satisfaction.

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