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20 SEO tools to Optimize And Grow Your Business Websites in 2021

Check out the 20 SEO tools to Optimize And Grow Your Business Websites in 2021.

  1. Data Studio - Best for merging data from different platforms.

  2. Enhanced Google Analytics Annotations - Helps you monitor the rise and fall in your website traffic, according to algorithm changes in Google.

  3. Search Console - helps you know the rank of your site and how well your site is doing in a Google search.

  4. Keyword Hero - this tool helps you to find relevant keywords and helps increase the sights reach.

  5. Google Analytics - one of the most widely used SEO tools out there II and it also plays well with other Google tools. It helps you read the analytics of your website.

  6. MozCast - mouse cast is the best algorithm tractor whenever there is a big update.

  7. Rich Results Test - Did you implement review rating stars in your JSON-LD, and want to see if your markup is valid for Google's Rich Results? Getting a passing grade doesn't mean your page will automatically display rich results in the SERPs, but think of it as the cost of admission

  8. Structured Data Testing Tool - Google's Structured Data Testing tool is essential for not only troubleshooting your own structured data but performing competitive analysis on your competitor's structured data as well

  9. Tag Manager - the Google tag manager helps inject tags into your HTML.

  10. View Rendered Source - View Rendered Source is a free Chrome plugin that allows you to easily see the fully rendered DOM of any URL, and compare it to the original HTML.

  11. BuzzSumo - Its Chrome extension helps in delivering reliable social share count estimates.

  12. Hunter - Hunter is one of the best email finders out there. It is available in free but limited and paid unlimited plans.

  13. Wappalyzer - An SEO favorite, helps you analyze what technology stacks a website runs upon.

  14. Wayback Machine - Helps you uncover historical data and the good news is that it's 100% free.

  15. Bulk Domain Availability Checker- It is particularly popular with the black hat/PBN group, but the tool itself has white hat SEO legitimacy as well. Simply input up to 20,000 domains at a time, and it will quickly tell you if they are available

  16. SEO minion - It is a very popular Chrome extension that goes beyond most of the SEO toolbars. It analyzes on-page SEO, checks for broken links, and many more.

  17. MozBar - It helps you link metrics as you browse the web, perform on-page analysis, and SERP analysis. The free version is super-useful by itself, while Pro users get additional functionality like advanced keyword suggestions.

  18. SEMrush - SEMrush offers almost all SEO tools, and they have a free account option that works well if you only work with a single website.

  19. Mobile-Friendly Test - Here Google tests if your website is fitting the standards of Google's mobile-friendly requirements, you get a chance of higher ranking!

  20. Google My Business - It's a must-have for local businesses It allows you to claim your business, manage listing information, and respond to reviews — among other things. Claiming your business profile forms the foundation of most other local SEO activities, so it's an essential step.

These were some SEO tools that would surely act as a wooden pile in the sea which is the internet!

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