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A step by step process of an effective pre-launch app marketing

The number of applications that are downloaded daily around the world from the best app stores very meticulously proves the fact that mobile marketing is a significant way of standing out in the competition. Everyone has an application these days. From giant e-commerce stores to small restaurants in the city, a click is what attracts customers for the business.

pre-launch app marketing

Getting it right

But here's the thing. What if you are not getting the attention and traffic it deserves. Maybe your app is not providing the useful information it has to grab the eyeballs. Therefore it is important to focus on developing your mobile app in such a way that it showcases your product and its potential properly because if the audience doesn't recognize the product's existence, then your hard work goes in vain. Here's when we learn a step-by-step guide to ensure effective pre-launch app marketing.

So what do we do to make sure that our mobile app is developed significantly and has the potential to attract the target audience? Mobile marketing starts right after the product has been launched. Your audience should be loyal to the product so that they are stimulated to learn more about it. Mobile marketing targets a defined audience.

You know your audience, you just need to reach them, learn their insights, take feedback and improve upon them. Ultimately, the objective of a mobile app is to acquire customers and increase engagement so that not only it sells the product but also builds a good relationship with the customers.

Awareness before the launch

This stage comes just before the product is launched. It helps in creating awareness about your product and how your target audience perceives it. Specifically, how will they discover the mobile app? Before beginning the awareness stage, you should be clear about your brand strategy and positioning. It is imperative to know your values and story and the brand resonates with people on a personal level. You can't go wrong with that.

A step by step process of an effective pre-launch app marketing

Step by step guide to an effective pre-app marketing launch

Hundreds of apps are launched every day and marketing those apps is like creating a snowball effect. Various things need to be taken care of before commencing with the launch program. Because these small things only will help your app get the momentum it needs. So, by the time you are ready for the launch, people are already buzzing with excitement.

Marketing your application is more important than ever before. According to a research survey, there are 3 million apps today and if you don't promote yours effectively, you will not be able to get the traction that easily. So here are the steps that need to be taken care of before launching your application -:

  • Do proper research of your users and competitors before designing your app. Gather most of the demographic data of the users you are trying to reach. One of the grave mistakes that you could make before launching a mobile application is not doing thorough research. Your app should address the problems of the customers. If it fails to do so, then all your efforts are in vain.

  • Begin with the marketing way before the launch. The app launch is a grind so start early. Since awareness begins slowly, start with people near you like you. Look at the launch date carefully. A pro tip-: look at all the events that may overshadow your launch space and lock a date with a potential free space.

  • Create a website for your app so that you expand. Mobile websites are the number one source of app installations. Make this a standard practice. Once you have a landing page you can use it to promote it on various platforms, app stores, or google ads. A landing page also gives you a great start for early search engine optimization. Keep your followers up to date with notifications, website launches, and features.

  • Invest in content. Start writing a blog to attract a fanbase and engage more customers. Blogging helps you in solidifying your brand voice. Search for important keywords to amplify your SEO rankings. Maximize your reach by writing friendly content.

  • Try to reach more and more people with email marketing. Since it's cheap and easy, it's a great way to sustain buyers. Email marketing is cheap and susceptible to new launches. Send subscribers notifications about your latest blog post and weekly newsletters.

  • Create a buzz around your app with the help of social media and develop a community for your business. Choose between the various types of social media platforms and start posting to increase engagement.

  • Go with the influencer culture and start promoting with them. No matter what the naysayers say, influencer marketing is on fire in today's time and age. . And by the look of it today, it can be easily said that it will rule the marketing world in the coming years. So make sure that you promote your website through an influential personality to increase the reach. It can be anyone with a small number of followers to a big page.

  • Optimizing your app store listing. This is one of the most crucial end stages of your pre-launch process and is critical for any marketing strategy. This is where your app will get downloaded therefore you need to optimize some areas of the app store listing. Some of these are -:

    • Name of the app that encourages downloads

    • The app description that attracts customers, tells your values and ethics.

    • App visuals (images and screenshot of the application)

    • Keyword optimization to attract clicks.

  • Be ready for the inconveniences. It is easier said than done but it's true. You may have to face some obstacles in your way of launching a mobile application. So be ready with your haunches to go all guns blazing.

Mobile application launch is a big day for any business. It's the day when all your hard work comes into action. And they say that luck favors the prepared. So prepare yourself for any situation and all the best in your endeavor.

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