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Best Social Media Marketing Strategies

2020 has been one hell of a ride for every one of us. Yet, some savvy business brands have risen to the occasion and taken this opportunity to introduce new social media marketing strategies that made things easier for businesses around the world. Yes, today we are talking about social media. The one thing that connected us even amidst the chaos of a global pandemic.

So, when we talk about social media, what comes to your mind. What are the best social media marketing strategies that were the most successful last year, and how can these social media strategies help us in the year ahead? We have noted down 3 social media strategies that you can implement in your organization that will help you guarantee success throughout the year.

But before that, you should know that how social media helps your business grow to new heights

In today's world of digitalization, brands and consumers have come closer due to social media. The relationship between them has become stronger. These days brands do a complete analysis of the consumer wants, interests, likes, dislikes before investing in them.

Earlier mediums like television, newspapers, and journals were used to do marketing which was a little costly.

Below are the ways how social media affects media marketing-:

  • Improved customer insights: due to social media, companies can gain proper insight into the customer needs and wants and work accordingly to their liking. This also means that the brand cares for the customers.

  • Cost-efficient: if your business is low on funds, then social media is the best way of marketing and promoting the business. Large media handles like Facebook, Instagram, etc let brands do their social media marketing without cost.

  • Effective sales: social media is the best driver to boost sales. It engages people and increases traffic, thus turning people into potential customers.

  • Establish brand awareness: since a lot of people are on social media today, it becomes easy for the brand to create awareness about it and build a positive image of the company.

  • Increase connectivity: through social media, brands can stay connected to their customers via their preferences, lifestyle, opinions, choices, etc.

Social media marketing has a great impact on business growth and performance. It helps in developing business strategies and relations, making innovations, and improving customer satisfaction.

Top 3 Social Media Marketing Strategies to make your game stronger-:

  • Use video marketing-: you must have noticed that most of the social media platforms have introduced the feature wherein you can make short videos. Instagram also introduced reels to increase engagement. Therefore, the first social media strategy that changes the scenario in 2020 was video marketing. Video marketing is one of the most powerful weapons to attract more customers to your feed. Youtube is huge right now and we have seen how these videos help in driving engagement as a video enables you to talk to your users personally.

  • Use contests to attract engagement-: you must have surely stumbled upon one or two social media contests in the past and if you are working for the social media of a company, then you may have organized one yourself. There is a good reason behind this strategy. Social media contests have been proven to be a game-changer when it comes to attracting the buzz. People participate in these contests and get a chance to know your organization and your services. More and more brands are trying to engage in two-way communication with their customers nowadays.

  • Try on the micro-influencer marketing -: despite what anyone says, you can’t change the fact that influencer culture is on a rapid rise and is expected to grow even more in the upcoming year.

So, to stay there and to get discovered by the new audience, brands are trying to start partnering with creators and influencers who are loved and trusted by the audience. But here is the thing, many organizations still think that getting in contact with an influencer might get costly. But it is not like that. A person with a thousand followers can also be an influencer. You just have to know their reach and their content.

So, what entails Social Media Marketing Strategy-:

If we ask you this question as to what all would social media marketing entails, one would very vehemently answer Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. But that’s not entirely true. They say that keeping up with your audience is one way to stay relevant. And for that, you would need to know the platforms your audience uses the most.

There are a lot of new social media platforms being introduced now and then. A lot of new brands are using platforms such as LinkedIn and Pinterest. It n what your brand is about you might want to experiment with different platforms.

Whatever social media platform you decide to use, remember that it should connect you with your audience. You can simply do this by using multiple videos, making reels, organizing contests, and simply engaging a two-way communication.


The landscape of social media is changing in pattern every day. While we saw these social media strategies playing a significant role in the year 2020, we are not sure that they will work forever So the key is to stay updated. Get yourself to know the latest trends in the market to engage with your audience and provide value to your customers.

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