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Indian E-Commerce Business Start-up guide

The E-commerce industry is the fastest growing industry in the world, and it is very helpful for starters to build an image using the online medium There are certain questions while starting an e-commerce business like who will be the producers, what is going to be the structure, what e-commerce exactly is.

Whether you want to start an e-commerce company or you are already running an e-commerce company and you are looking to explore more to renovate your business model. This article is going to guide you to get all the essential basics of e-commerce & will also give a brief regarding the step-by-step process to start an e-commerce company in India.

E-commerce stands for electronic commerce which basically refers to all the types of transactions related to goods and services conducted online for e.g. ordering a household item from Amazon or buying any kind of fashion accessories from Flipkart etc. Whenever any good or services are bought or sold by someone using the online medium, they are engaging in e-commerce.

Nowadays every business is trying to focus on bringing their product or service online in order to reach global audiences. Also, India is coming up with a lot of startups attracting the top global investors in the same way, few of them are confronting financing crunches and also discovering hard to sustain in this competitive industry. With growing demands and the affordability and accessibility of online shopping giving new hopes to the e-commerce industry.

Now let us discuss the simplest way to start an e-commerce business.

  1. Select your business name and register a “.com” or a “.in” domain. Register your domain from Godaddy, Google, Namecheap, etc.

  2. After registering your business domain, make a business logo in Canva or Photoshop. Be careful while choosing the color. It should match the essence of the business.

  3. Get a Shopify hosting plan. It is the easiest way to make an e-commerce website. You will get a lot of themes and apps to boost your website’s performance. There is just a 29 dollar per month cost which is way better than spending lakhs in developing a website.

  4. Select from a bunch of themes from the Shopify theme store. It is very easy to apply and edit. You can start off with a free theme.

  5. Apply plug-ins or apps from the Shopify app store. Use free apps like a chat app, contact form app, and reviews app to start with. Lanter, as the business grows more apps can be used.

  6. To make your business look professional get a paid G-suite plan and make a professional mail ID for your business. This will help you in the long run if you want your customers to treat you as a legit business.

  7. Register your business legally and get a Sole Proprietorship. Also, register your business for GST and MSME. They are important to run an E-commerce business in India.

  8. Create a current bank account and integrate a payment gateway to your website. Razorpay, Cashfree, Paypal, and PayTM are good choices.

  9. Choosing the right product and distributor is very important. Whether you are selling beauty products or electronics or wine glasses, you need to find the right distributor from where you can get your products in bulk and start building inventory.

  10. Your product packaging should be top-notch. It is the physical unit of your business that your customers will touch and feel. So through packaging, you need to impress your customers.

  11. Choose your 3rd party logistics service wisely. They should be fast and reliable. Try Shiprocket to start with.

  12. Now, all steps are completed, and your website is ready to run, all that’s left is marketing. To do this properly, you have to market your e-commerce business correctly. You will find several marketing strategies over the internet that you can utilize for attracting high traffic on your websites, like Google Ads, Word of mouth, Social media ads, and even many others. Create marketing ads and resort to trial and error to find out which social media platform brings you more customers. If you are not able to create a proper marketing plan then you can hire agencies like LiaisonIT. LiaisonIT will tailor a specific marketing strategy that will work for you. Try them out.

Significant Tips to Start an Ecommerce Business

  • Always start simply because complexity at the initial stage can give birth to problems.

  • Share and Spread your e-commerce business across multiple channels for grabbing the target audience and boost traffic.

  • Start Investing in multiple selling channels with low shipment and other exclusive perks to attract customers.


Learning how to set up an e-commerce business is not that much easy as it seems, but by attentively taking each step, you can triumph over the process with effective management and ultra-fast growth.

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