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Power of Visuals In the Field of Marketing

What do we remember when we first see an advertisement or a hoarding while driving in our car? A picture. Yes, it's the picture that stays in our minds hours later. They are everywhere - on magazines, newspapers, television, hoarding, banners, and social media platforms. Remember when you used to get confused while reading a paragraph only to find comfort in the following "figure 1."

Yes that's the power of images and visuals

Visuals have become such an integral part of our lives that we cannot even try to remove them. Is it because they are attractive or because they are easy to remember? Well, partly both. Visuals have taken over the field of marketing completely. You cannot see a brand promoting their product without any image or a face to recognize for. Is that why celebrity endorsements work so well? Because we remember the face of the brand?

Power of Visuals In the Field of Marketing

And why not?

According to Hubspot people are only able to retain 10% of information if they read something 3 days later. However, if they happen to see an image attached to that paragraph they will be able to remember 65% of it 3 days later.

These days every marketer is using powerful images and visuals to make his or her statement stronger. And why not? Words are never enough to convey a message to a large group of audience. You don't even have the guarantee that people will stop and read what you have for them.

But an image? A relevant image will surely be able to stop them on their tracks and force them to read what you are trying to convey.

How do visuals help in engaging marketing materials?

Making pdf marketing material is a sure way to attract more audience and increase sales. There are several ways to make that pdf interesting to read and presentable and one such way is by incorporating visual imagery into it.

It has been noticed that images add to the representation of pdf and make it easier to understand. A colorful visual representation of the pdf is a sure way to grab the eyeballs and the attention of the audience.

Some of the benefits of visual images on a pdf for marketing material are:

It helps in emotional engagement

Images tend to play with our mind and if the image is appealing and lists the benefits of the product, it increases the chances that the reader is going to remember the brand name.

Decreases reading time

Through images, a lot can be said and done. A good image always shows what the seller is trying to say. If the reader has to read the whole content to understand then he may lose interest at some point. But with an image, the reading fatigue can be reduced and it also keeps the reader engaged. Images also help in making complex content easier for people to read.

Easy to remember

It is always easier for the human brain to remember a visual object than a text. A pdf that has images in it is easy to read and remember and it gets embedded into the brain. Using visuals in your content will help you increase your response rate because it helps in getting the reactions from them such as shock, anger, surprise, etc. Today word-based interactions are becoming bland. People don't relate to them as easily as they would to illustrations.

It builds trust and increases profitability

Images tend to create a trusting factor in the mind of the reader for the seller or company. Without an image related to the product or company, the content may be taken as not trustworthy and reliable especially if you have a startup. We feel that if the image is relevant then the product is relevant too. It is the need of the hour.

It makes communication easier

With the use of graphs and images, the information can be expressed in way less time than is required with the text. A company can make the readers understand what it is trying to convey very easily and effectively with the help of visuals.

Adding pictures and visual images to PDF marketing materials helps the customers to relate to the brand. So make sure you incorporate attractive images in your content to lure in more customers to your brand

Visuals and social media engagement

Visuals and powerful infographics amplify the engagement rate of the company. Therefore social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are such rage right now. They have brought about a huge change in the way people see image marketing. Everything is promoted on Instagram today. From big conglomerates to an individual who wants to post about his or her whereabouts. The way people are connected via these mediums is powerful.

Owing to the coronavirus pandemic, nations had their borders locked for a very long time. Even within a country lockdowns had to be implemented to stop the spread of this virus. The only thing that kept us connected at this period was social media. We were able to see people and their whereabouts from afar.

Maybe that's why companies all across the globe saw this as an opportunity to promote their products through these visionary platforms. From OTT platforms to visual online product launches there is nothing that happened in 2020. A new revolution is made.

Key points to remember while incorporating an image into your content

So what should be kept in mind while you choose an image that will go best with your content. Since you know the benefits of visuals and how powerful they can be, here are some tips to take care of while choosing the right image -:

  • Try to feature your image at the top of your article. This helps in trying to get their attention and stop them while scrolling.

  • There are various types of visuals that you can use. Images and videos are the most used but there are 3d images, graphs, charts, and gifs that you can use on your content. Memes and embedded tweets have become a rage too.

  • If the paragraph is too long then use the visuals after every 200 words. And if you have short content then use images at least 4 to 5 times. You don't want to bore your audience by writing lengthy paragraphs.

Summing up

This is not all. The power of visuals in marketing these days goes beyond any comprehension. In today's age and time visuals are all about showing. Effective and attractive visuals are more powerful than any text. However, texts are also important to convey your message.

Make sure that you use relevant visuals because no images are better than a wrong image.


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