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Social Media For Small Business Growth

If you have a small organization with a small marketing setup, you know you are donning multiple hats for your organization. With countless deliverables to post in 24 hours, managing your social media can be one hell of a hectic task. And well we are not the ones complaining.

Social media is everywhere. We know that people are spending more and more time on their mobile phones these days. With approximately 4 billion people using social media these days and an average of 2.5 hours of consumption by a single user it can be easily said that social media is a driving factor in making your business grow. You may not know but your target prospects are eagerly waiting for doing business with you as social media is free for all.

Small business and social media

For a small business social media plays an imperative role in making it known to the local people. Not only that but social media helps your company get noticed by the locals with the help of Search engine optimization. Every business organization has one main priority, which is to earn profits. Most small businesses want to increase their market visibility, position, and competitiveness.

Marketing strategies help in increasing the growth of your business. Efficient marketing strategies are those that attract a specific target audience; focus on the needs and desires of the customers; deliver the desired result within budgetary and operational constraints.

These are some of the effective marketing strategies-:

  • Market positioning- Good marketing strategy involves targeting a specific audience. An effective market positioning strategy allows you to know your customers, consider different approaches to attract them. If your strategy involves a general market, it may get confusing since there are different types of customer perceptions. If your company focuses on a specific target, it gives you a better understanding of the customer’s requirements, needs, and desires which helps in achieving the business objectives.

  • Content marketing- Content marketing and blogging give you authority over your business. This is a strategic approach that helps in distributing relevant information about your business prospects. It helps in attracting customers while engaging with them through the medium of social media.

  • Social media marketing- In today’s scenario when everything has gone digital, social media marketing plays an imperative role in promoting your product or service. Social media marketing helps in providing content to the users they want to see or share through the medium of the internet. Search engine optimization increases the relevancy of the search results within these portals, which in results increase the market efficiency.

Social media marketing and small business-:

So the question that first comes to our mind is why do we need social media for our small business. Well, back in the day with very few social media options, businesses could post anything and everything to add value to their product. This was when social media and customers both were sparse.

Which is not the case today. Today social media is an important part of inbound marketing strategy. But are you sure that you are posting the right content? Social media has various platforms and each platform requires a different content strategy. In this blog,

We will be covering the 5 main platforms for your small business-:

Facebook Marketing -: Facebook is the OG of all social media platforms. It has the most number of followers around the world. Most people are on social media. You can post anything on Facebook which resonates with your audience. Once you have determined what engages your customers the most, then you can try sharing different concepts. But remember to not post too often as people may start feeling redundant.

Linkedin marketing-: Linkedin is also one of the oldest social media platforms. It has more than 250 million active users. Linkedin helps in connecting with your close network. Post information that gives insights about your company to earn the trust of your customers. Try to post every week.

Twitter marketing-: Twitter is the most controversial platform of all. There are around 50p million tweets posted every day. You can tweet around 8 to 10 tweets every day to boost engagement. Make sure that your tweets add value to your customers. And add pictures to make it attractive.

Instagram marketing-: The most influential platform of social media. With most visual graphics and a wide fan following, it helps small businesses to create a massive fan following. Instagram gives you the option of paid advertisement to promote brands. You can post pictures, captions, stories, and reels to boost engagement. Try to post different concepts every day.

Youtube marketing-: Youtube is a huge platform with 1.9 billion active social media. It is the most trafficked social media platform with a humongous reach. When you create videos, it helps you in boosting engagement and driving engagement. Youtube can give you 3x engagement on a single video. Use catchy captions and trending topics for your videos.


There are a bunch of social media tools that can help you create amazing posts. You can take help from these tools to manage your account, monitor, and measure your metric. Looking for effective social media marketing strategies will always prove worthy for your organization. The most successful market strategies are those which have resulted in the best return on investment. If you are a small business entity, you must instill strong marketing campaigns to ensure long-term success.





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