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Social Media Marketing Tips in 2021 | LiaisonIT

2020 has been a year we all can never forget in the times to come. From individuals to communities, everyone suffered equally. Our only hope is that 2021 is gonna be a better year personally and professionally for everyone. Talking about professionally, the year 2020 threw a lot of curveballs in the digital marketing space.

Because of the covid restrictions and lockdowns, everyone had to stay at their home. Therefore, everything became digitally aware. Most people had no choice but to include digitalization in their lives. And for companies and marketers, this has become an imperative part.

Social media trends in 2021

Now that we all have entered into this year, it's time for us to forecast new social media trends to know more about how social media will play a role in our lives.

Social media and branding

Building a brand is not easy. Brands are nothing but perceptions. And to create perceptions you have to make sure that you are able to connect with your audience properly. Social media is the only way anyone can build a community in the shortest span of time. Whether you are new or experienced, social media is for everyone but there is always room for involvement.

Some of the best social media tips for you to ace your marketing game-:

  • Influencer culture -: no matter what the naysayers say, influencer culture is here to stay. Due to staying at home for a long period of time, live streaming and youtube influence increased ten folds in the last year. Businesses, celebrities, and every other person started making youtube videos.

  • Create a specific strategy for every platform-: social media is made up of different platforms and they need different marketing strategies for each. Each platform has a different nuance that needs to be understood for generating engagement.

  • Twitter-: use Twitter to engage with your audience. Like Instagram and Facebook, keeping Twitter fleet is very important.

  • Be consistent -: be consistent in your approach. For businesses that are starting, consistency is very important. If you want more and more people to know your business the daily posting is necessary.

  • Know your message type-: every platform has a different type of demographic. Every content should be written according to that. So focus on your message to have the most impact.

  • Transparency and inclusivity-: transparency will play a very important role in 2021. After the pandemic, if one thing that people have learned is to be more human. So try to connect with your audience at a more personal level.

  • Keep an eye on what's trending-: keep up with the trends. You should always have an eye on the emerging trends that should captivate your audience. But always keep one thing in mind that your posts should align with your business.

  • Measure and analyze -: to make sure that you are good at what you are doing, you need to be tracking and measuring your performance using different metrics to know where you lack.

  • Video marketing -: video marketing is gonna be the number 1 performer in the coming years. Engage in video marketing more and more as engagement is higher and platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram give them high priority in their algorithms.

The key behind social media success in 2021

Do you want to be successful in your social media strategy in 2021? Well, the first thing that should be kept in mind is the fact that you must focus yourself on the areas where your audience is active.

Know your existing customers

Your demographics must be able to tell you the insights of your channels but not your customers. Your customers are the ones who will actually determine how your social media strategy is gonna be.

That's why brands around the world keep a dashboard to keep a check on their active customers and their type. There are different analytics that helps you measure data according to your customer's insights.

Here are the things that should be a part of your social media strategy

  • Post a lot of stories because stories are not going anywhere. We can't deny the fact that stories are the quickest and engaging type of content.

  • Make a lot of short videos. With the rise of Instagram reels and TikTok, video culture is booming and helping organizations gain more followers.


Social media has become a trailblazer today. In times like these when everything is going haywire, organizations across the world have clung to social media and its predominant power. Both new and old organizations are using social media to make sure that their voice is heard.

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