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The Power Of Online Market And Digitalization

Future readiness is not only the priority of all organizations but also the need of the hour. Digitalization is happening faster and faster with every passing day. It’s a revolution that is happening currently which gives the current generation of companies a new set of challenges every day. Digital payments and e-commerce are some primary examples.

To meet the expectations of the customers, organizations need to transform digitally. The digital revolution has also changed the ways companies work. Customers demand easy access, easy payments, and fuss-free transactions.

Digital transformation is prominent for every organization. It’s the main driver of every business, may it be small or multinational. To succeed in today’s competitive world, organizations need to take that giant leap of faith in keeping up with the high technology and developments to sustain in the market.

What are the challenges of the new world-?

There are various challenges that an organization of today’s age faces. And these are-:

  1. Improvement in costumer's experience

  2. Hire the right people

  3. Optimize resources

  4. Enhance business productivity

These are some of the major challenges that are faced by various organizations across the globe. Digital transformation gives you a major breakthrough in all these challenges by liaising the gap between customer wants and customer satisfaction. So yes, to answer your question, digital transformation does make you a future-ready organization.

E-Commerce In 2021 - How has it Changed

If the year 2020 has taught us anything, it is that the times can call for quick changes to our business and marketing plans. Businesses have had to pivot to circumstances, changed strategies, shape trends, all throughout the pandemic. But as we are navigating our way through this, there is one business place which has seen a remarkable increase in web traffic is the e-commerce websites. Consumers are turning in various shopping websites to fulfill their needs as the shops are temporarily closed.

Let's look at some of the technology trends that will shape the e-commerce business in 2020.

  • Mobile sales- it comes off like no surprise considering millions of people own and use mobile phones. It's also very interesting to know that customers use the same mobile phones to search for products they want to buy. In fact, ⅓ of the entire sales and marketing is done through accessible websites on mobiles.

  • E-wallets- usage of an e-wallet during shopping has not remained optional in today's times. Not only it helps in boosting sales but also provides convenience and security to both the buyer and seller.

  • Augmented and virtual reality - the fact that customers were not able to try out products before, the AR and VR technologies have made them try their favorite products online. This has led to a large increase in the market share for e-commerce businesses.

  • Customer relationship management - customer relations have improved due to CRM technology over the years. Not only it helps in collecting data and insights from the customer but helps in engaging clients with the business.

  • Content marketing - well, content marketing is the new boon to the marketing industry. Relevant and attractive content helps in driving customers to the business.

  • Social media marketing - platforms like Instagram, Facebook helps e-cig commerce websites promote their products and services through ads, posts, and stories.

  • Video marketing - video continues to capture the heart of customers. This is due to the fact that consumers believe more in the product if it is shown in the video.

  • Chatbots- personalized chatbots help in increasing client engagement. It's an automated program that stimulates a conversation with the customers.

  • Voice search engine-voice search has been growing rapidly. Mobile users and owners feel comfortable using these applications. Almost 50% of the web searches are done via speaking.

These are some of the most popular technology trends that are shaping the future of e-commerce websites. Though traditional markets are still a relevant power today, especially in a country like India where people believe in what they see. It's safe to say that, online market and digitalization are taking over with each passing day.

Post pandemic situation shows us how people have become comfortable in buying things from the convenience and safety of their homes.

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