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Case Studies

Array Minds

Liaisonit Studios' rebranding of Array Minds successfully revamped their brand, highlighting innovation and global know-how, which strengthened their position in the Salesforce consultancy market. This new identity aligns with their vision and drives their international growth and success.

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Endurance Security

Liaisonit Studios' dynamic rebranding of Endurance Security effectively established them as a leader in cybersecurity consulting. The cohesive brand narrative and sleek visual identity not only strengthened their market presence but also paved the way for future growth and expansion.

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FTBI, NIT Rourkela

Liaisonit Studios' brochure revamp for FTBI skillfully merged captivating content with striking visuals, enhancing the center's appeal and effectively drawing in innovators and investors to support their entrepreneurial and tech mission.

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Ma'am & Co.

The rebranding of Ma’am & Co. showcases the power of strategic brand articulation and design, quickly overcoming challenges and boosting its presence in social and event blogging. This case highlights how targeted branding can refresh a company's image and expand its audience reach.

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Liaisonit Studios' rebranding of NucorX significantly refreshed its identity, reinforcing its status as a leading South African holding company and setting a strong foundation for future growth.

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The Saga Stays

Liaisonit Studios' rebranding of The Saga Stays revitalized its brand identity and improved the customer journey, showcasing the impact of strategic design and articulation in enhancing business growth and customer satisfaction in the hospitality sector.

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Growl Ops - Crafting a Comprehensive Brand Identity for Specialized Dog Security Training

The creation of Growl Ops' brand identity was accomplished efficiently and effectively. The logo emerged as a powerful symbol, resonating with the company's core values and appealing to their target audience. The comprehensive brand document became an essential asset, guiding all future branding efforts. The collaterals, consistent in design and message, significantly enhanced Growl Ops' market presence.

Kyra Tours - Transformative Rebranding for a Comprehensive Travel Service

The rebranding of Kyra Tours was a resounding success. The new brand identity was well-received, reflecting the company's extensive services and professional approach. The comprehensive suite of collaterals provided Kyra Tours with the tools needed to effectively communicate their offerings and engage with both individual and corporate clients. The new brand articulations and deliveries effectively captured the essence of Kyra Tours, positioning them as a leading choice in the travel services industry.





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