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Case Studies

Fast Transport Carrier

Liaisonit Studios successfully migrated Fast Transport Carrier’s non-functional website to a user-friendly Wix platform, achieving a major digital transformation. This swift migration included a modern design overhaul, advanced security upgrades, CDN integration, and cloud hosting. Critically, we empowered the client with the tools for self-managed maintenance and user control, eliminating the need for ongoing external support. The result was a significant improvement in website functionality, security, and performance, aligning perfectly with Fast Transport Carrier’s operational needs and budget.


Liaisonit Studios expertly migrated Houzwork, Pune's top interior design agency, to a Wix platform, enhancing design, security, and performance. The project involved a comprehensive redesign post initial approval, showcasing our commitment to client satisfaction. The transition to Wix, coupled with advanced security features, CDN, and cloud hosting, resulted in a visually appealing, high-performing website. Our flexibility and client-focused approach were key in delivering a website that not only met but exceeded Houzwork's expectations, reinforcing their online presence and brand reputation.

Stellar Global Solutions

Liaisonit Studios successfully migrated Stellar Global Solutions from an outdated PHP platform to a dynamic CMS, achieving enhanced scalability and user experience. We overhauled the design, incorporated advanced security features, and integrated CDN and cloud hosting for improved performance. The migration, completed within budget and on schedule, resulted in a significant boost in website efficiency and global reach. Post-launch, our ongoing maintenance ensures optimal performance, exemplifying our commitment to delivering holistic, cutting-edge digital solutions.

Technimation Info Media

Liaisonit Studios successfully redeveloped Technimation Infomedia's website, an IT services leader, by migrating it to Wix. Our team crafted a sophisticated design, integrated advanced security, and implemented CDN and cloud hosting for enhanced performance. The project's swift execution and high-quality deliverables not only improved Technimation's online presence but also affirmed Liaisonit's expertise as a trusted partner for IT industry professionals, demonstrating our ability to meet the high standards of tech-savvy clients.





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